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Bikini Baristas

All about Seattle area bikini barista espresso stands

We just finished a major update and the directory now lists 70 bikini espresso businesses covering 131 locations. See the list at


I did a thorough Google search and updated the list of Bikini Espresso web sites. There are now links to 35 web sites on the blog.

Seattle pop-punk band Quickie has released a music video featuring bikini baristas from Cowgirls Espresso. It was shot on location, and appropriately titled “Bikini Barista”.

You can see it here:

A new bikini espresso business, Foxy Lady Latte, is scheduled to open on April 12, 2010 in Kent.

The address is:

24013 104th Ave SE

Kent, WA

Welcome to the Bikini Baristas blog. This is the companion blog to our web site,

We will post information about new bikini baristas espresso stands, reviews, photos, and interesting events, and will respond to comments.

Our opinion is that bikini barista’s serving espresso is a great business idea. Contrary to what many people believe, most bikini expresso businesses are owned and managed by women (based on our informal survey). Our experience is that, in general, bikini baristas are friendlier than their fully clothed counterparts, and the espresso drinks are just as good if not better.  A recent trip to Starbucks yielded a latte that was pretty much tasteless.


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